Introducing Christian Lay-Geng


Hi! I am Christian Lay-Geng and I am a 4th year Cognitive Science major at UCSD specializing in Human Design. I have been involved with VR since my 2nd year, building projects in Unity for the VR Club and hackathons on campus. I love how VR can rewrite reality and send you to different worlds. I am helping set up the assets in Dr. Ying Wu’s VR experiments, which investigate how people search or change their search patterns when under pressure.

I also participated in the Swartz Center’s NeuroLab for Experimental and Architectural Design workshop (NLEAD). The workshop brought architectural and neuroscience students together to investigate how architectural design affected students by running small experiments every week with biometric devices. It was a totally different experience using the biometrics from typical classroom learning, and running experiments made me sympathize with researchers regarding the many possible issues that can occur when collecting data. It was fun being able to run our own experiments, and the guest lecturers were extremely diverse.


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