Steps Toward Integrating Electrocardiographic Data with EEG

Electrocardiography (ECG) is an important bio-metric tool for estimating aspects of mental states related to stress, relaxation, and more. The HeartyPatch is a wireless ECG recording device with a low cost and easy setup. With the proper firmware configuration, the HeartyPatch device can stream raw ECG signals in real time under a pre-designated Wi-Fi network. The system developed at SCCN combines Windows PowerShell scripts and Python scripts in order to turn on the Mobile Hotspot function on a Windows PC and establish a local Wi-Fi network to allow the HeartyPatch device to connect to it. Once the device is connected to the network, the system will start receiving signals from the device and broadcast the received data via Lab Streaming Layer ( The device and scripts together yield a plug-and-play and one-click start ECG acquisition system.


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